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Shampoo Bar

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Check out these amazing Shampoo Bars! These smell amazing, are compact and reduce the need for a single use plastic bottle. 

Shampoo bars are a great alternative, because they are more cost effective! On average each Shampoo Bar will get approximately 80 washes, whereas a plastic bottle of Shampoo will often only last 30-40 washes.  

Lavender Essential Oil Shampoo Bar

Ingredients: glycerin, water, shea butter, olive oil, lavender oil, lemon oil, lime oil, juniper oil, frankincense extract
Features: This product contains rich lavender oil, lemon oil, juniper and other plant extracts to soothe the scalp, regulate the secretion of scalp oil, keep the scalp pores clean, help remove dandruff, and make the hair clear, fluffy, healthy and shiny. 
Perfect for when hair needs a really deep clean. Juniperberry gets to work regulating sebum production, clearing the scalp. We've also used calming lavender and antibacterial rosemary essential oils to soothe and cleanse the scalp. Lemon and lime oils give shine, as they help the cuticles on your hair lie flat, enabling them to reflect more light.
Juniperberry oil is the perfect ingredient to cleanse and calm the skin and scalp thanks to its sebum balancing effects and is soothing and very antiseptic. Don't turn your nose up at juniperberry, it lends its talents to deodorants too, it regulates sweat and limits the growth of body odour producing bacteria, while giving the skin a fresh woody scent.
Suitable for:neutral and neutral oily hair.
Jasmine Essential Oil Shampoo Bar
Ingredients: glycerin, water, shea butter, olive oil, cypress oil, jasmine oil, jasmine extract, horse clove extract, ylang-ylang extract, macadamia (nut oil), cocoa butter, jojoba oil
Features:The silky Jasmine  bar cleans and conditions with a host of nut oils and  jasmine extract, and then leaves a heady, lingering scent of jasmine on your newly-glossy tresses,This bar contains a variety of plant extracts such as cypress, jasmine, and horse clove, which condition, moisturise and soften the hair, replenish hair moisture and soft hair, while keeping scalp pores clean, helping to remove dandruff and making hair silky, Bright and healthy, it exudes a pleasant aroma, 
Suitable for:normal to dry hair
Seaweed Essential Oil Shampoo Bar
Ingredients:glycerin, water, shea butter, seaweed extract, licorice root extract, angelica extract, macadamia nut oil (nut oil)
Features:This solid seaweed bar we’ve added a combination of Irish moss gel (made from bushy red seaweed), with protein-rich Japanese nori seaweed and fine sea salt to give hair some oomph.This product contains rich, licorice, angelica and other plant extracts and natural plant essential oil . The active essence penetrates into the scalp, nourishes the hair, replenishes hair moisture and nutrients, repairs hair, reduces sun UV damage, and keeps the scalp pores clean and helps remove the headache. 
Suitable for:normal to dry hair.
How to use: After wetting the hair, lather the shampoo bar and gently rub it into your hair. Massage the scalp for about 15 seconds, then rinse off with water.
We do not test our finished products on animals